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How to update your own translations when a new version of Salon Booking is released?

Read this guide to understand how to correctly and safely update your own translations files after a new Salon Booking plugin release.

When we release a new version we update the salon-booking-system.pot file that you can find inside the “/languages/“ folder of our plugin.

At this point you need to update your own translation files , .po and .mo, in order to verify if new text strings has been added.



How can you do that? It’s simple. Open your own .po file with Poedit software, then click on “Catalog > Update from POT file”.

Poedit will guide you to find the salon-booking-system.pot file location in order to select it.

Once done, your .po file will be automatically updated. Then you can look around at the new strings and eventually translate them.

When finished click on “Save”, action that will generate an updated version of .mo file too.

At this point you can update your translations file on your server.

That’s it.


Salon booking plugin featured websites contest

Join our Salon booking plugin featured websites contest and help us to feature the best case history of Salon Booking plugin application among our users.


Salon booking plugin featured websites



So if you have a good web project where Salon Booking plugin has been part of it and if according to you it should deserve a mention inside our “Hall of fame” section of our website then go to this link and fill out the form:

Every month we’ll give away a 5 activations PRO license to the best web-project where Salon Booking has been used at his best.

Use this opportunity to submit to us tips and suggestions to improve our plug-in.

Thank you to be a user.


How to properly set the timezone of WordPress for Salon Booking

If you want that the timezone set on WordPress works well with our Salon Booking plugin be sure to select the name of the city that has your timezone from “Settings > General” WordPress administration.



Do not use UTC format as it will cause problem with our plugin.


The same thing if you use Google Calendar synchronisation option of Salon Booking. Be sure that the timezone set on your WordPress install is the same you have set on your Google Calendar.



How to debug Salon Booking plugin

Sometimes after you’ve installed our plugin something seems not working well.

What to do in these cases? First of all: NO PANIC!

This short guide will help you out getting your stuff working again in no time.




You need to make three simple tests:

1 – Let’s control if you are using the latest version of Salon Booking

We use to make new releases almost every two weeks, as we add new features and fix some bugs. So the starting point of your debugging process is to check if you are using the latest version.

2 – Deactivate all your plugins but Salon Booking

Once done, see if your problem has disappeared. If so activate one by one all your plugins and every time check if the problem is back.

If enabling a specific plugin you see that the problem is back again then that means that there is a conflict with that specific plugin.

Now you decide if it’s really important for you having that plugin active then report to us the problem and we try to see if there is a workaround. If you don’t really need it just delete it, end of story.

3 – Switch to a standard WordPress theme

Sometimes happens that even deactivating all your plugins in use the problem persists, it’s time now to switch to a standard WordPress theme and see what’s happen. The problem is disappeared now? Then there is a conflict with your current theme.

What to do? Report it to us and we help you to find a solution.

We use to test Salon Booking with the major stock themes  and obviously with standard WordPress themes.

That means that we want to be sure that our plugin is working well with top notch themes. You should be aware that using low cost or bad coded themes could compromise the correct functionality of our plugin. So try to choose good quality stock themes for your website.

What to do in case none of the test above bring you to a solution? If that problem is still there?

Well, it’s simple, send us an email to

Have you experienced any issues with our plugin that were compromising its functionality? Tell us your story.