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Salon Booking 3.13 is ready to go


we are ready to launch a new version of Salon Booking that will bring a set of brand new features.

Let’s see them into details:

Adding reservations from back-end calendar

As promised we’ve completed the improvement of the back-end calendar daily view. Finally you can add reservations straight from the daily view with an easy interface.
Just clicking on the desired time-slot on the “add reservation” button. A pop-up window will opens and you’ll be able to provide all the details to complete the reservation.

At the same time clicking on a single reservation you’ll be able to modify it.

Calendar daily view will became your main dashboard to control and manage your reservations.

Fixed deposit amount

Now you’ll be able to choose if ask for a percentage or to set a fixed amount for the deposit payment.

Front-end booking form speed-up

We’ve made some code improvements to make the booking process more fast especially for those salons with a lot of services, a lot of assistants and booking rules.

We’ve pushed forward to improve the users experience using the booking form and reduce the seconds needed to complete a single reservations.

As usual we’ve made some bug fixes that are listed below:

* Now you can add reservation from back-end calendar daily view
* Added fixed amount deposit option
* Optimized the performance of the booking form process more quick
* Fixed booking system algorithm
* Fixed bug on prices that use thousands
* Fixed bug on Date/Time picker on Finnish language
* Fixed booking that overrides salon closing time

If you encounter any issues please report them to us.

Have a nice week-end

Salon Booking



Storie di clienti soddisfatti: Nail Boutique di Roma


Ho scelto questo plugin dopo una lunga ricerca innanzitutto perchè era l’unico che soddisfacesse tutte le mie necessità e poi perchè la versione di prova è limitata nel tempo ma non nelle sue funzionalità, condizione fondamentale per sperimentare online il plugin nella sua completezza.

Durante il periodo di prova inoltre ho potuto sperimentare l’ottimo funzionamento del vostro supporto di prevendita che mi ha aiutato a chiarire qualsiasi aspetto. Questo mi ha dato molta fiducia, e dopo aver constatato che il plugin funziona correttamente in tutto cio’ che promette, ho deciso di acquistarlo.

Anche dopo l’acquisto, un piccolo bug da me riscontrato e’ stato prontamente risolto con una nuova release.

Usandolo si ha la netta sensazione che chi lo ha sviluppato conosce perfettamente i meccanismi di gestione di un’attività come quella di un salone di bellezza o similari.

Nonostante si tratti di uno strumento necessariamente complesso, il suo utilizzo è estremamente pratico ed intuitivo.

L’ottima versatilità dei settaggi e i sistemi di alert fanno di questo plugin uno strumento indispensabile per poter lavorare in maniera efficiente e professionale.

Ciò che trovo particolarmente prezioso è il set di strumenti dedicati alle statistiche, che permette di controllare l’andamento dell’attività e di aggiustare continuamente la mira con politiche ad hoc tese a migliorare il fatturato e l’andamento globale dell’attività.

L’unica cosa che a mio parere lo renderebbe ancora più performante sarebbe la possibilità di gestire le prenotazioni con una visualizzazione per assistenti direttamente dal lato amministrazione [ funzionalità aggiunta di recente ]. L’attuale possibilità di ottenere una assitant view tramite short code è scomoda perchè costringe l’operatore ad uscire continuamente dal pannello di amministrazione di wordpress ed andare nella parte pubblica del sito.

Sono in definitiva estremamente soddisfatto dell’acquisto e sono sicuro che le prossime releases non faranno altro che migliorare continuamente uno strumento già attualmente molto potente e flessibile.


Nail Boutique
via orti della farnesina 132
00135 – Roma

salon booking 3.12

Salon Booking 3.12 version is out now

Finally we are ready for a new release of Salon Booking that is celebrating 2.000 active users on

On 3.12 version we’ve worked on the redesign of the back-end calendar daily view.

Now you can search through the reservation using a “customer” field or you can filter out the reservations by “services”.

You can also group reservations by assistant in order to see the reservations for each of your assistant.

We’ve also implemented a pagination system to is automatically enabled when you collect more than 12 reservations on a single time slot.




In the next release we’ll give you the possibility to add reservations straight from the calendar daily view in a very easy way.



We’ve fixed a bunch of bugs here the list:

* Fixed bug on booking system
* Fixed back-end calendar daily view hours representation
* Fixed assistants and services booking rules time intervals
* Improved back-end calendar daily view
* If total import is 0 no payment pending email notification
* Services disappeared after updates bug fixed
* SSL check
* SMS and Email reminders sent out even to “Pending” reservations

As usual if you notice some issues please get back to us.


Have a nice week.

Salon Booking


How to import data into Salon booking system plugin

Let’s say you’ve decided to migrate from your current booking system to Salon Booking and you don’t want to populate by hand your current customers, services and assistant into our plugin.

What could be a quick and easy to use solution?

Our new “Advanced data importing tool”.

You can find this tool inside the “Tools” section of Salon Booking.


What do you need exactly?

Jus a comma separated values files. One for customers, one for assistants and one for services.

It’s important that the file use “comma” as data separator.

Once you have these file you only need to drag them one at time inside the corresponding importing section.

Click on “Import” and a modal window will be opened.

In this window you need to match the column of your original file with the ones of our system. You need to match at least the required columns. You can skip the other columns if your file doesn’t have that kind of data.

Once matched the required columns click “Import”.
The modal window will be closed and the importing process will be started.

Be careful until the importing process is not finished you should not change page or close your browser window.

A status bar will indicate you the ongoing process. Wait until a success message is displayed.

For big files the importing process could last minutes.

Another important thing to consider is that when you import new customers WordPress automatically creates account for them and it will send out the email notifications to each of them.

If you don’t want this to happen install a plugin that disable the “Wordpress welcome email”.

Please have a look at this animation to see how the importing process works.



import data into salon booking

Well this feature is available on every version of Salon Booking.

In case of doubt, get back to us.

Have a nice weekend!

The Staff


Salon Booking 3.11 is going to arrive


here we go again with a new version, Salon Booking 3.11,  that will be available for download on next Monday.

We want share with you what we have done this time.

Let’s start from the main new feature:




salon booking 3.11


We’ve developed a complete importing system that will allow you to migrate your customers, services and assistant from whatever booking platform to Salon Booking plugin.

You just need a CSV (comma separated file) for each element.

Our importing system will guide you with an easy interface to match your CSV file with our database scheme.

You can find this feature inside “Tools” section.

Note. The importing system is in still in beta version.




salon booking 3.11


Many of you have asked us to develop this feature and we done!
Now you can create a link that point to a specific service inside the booking form in order to book that services straightforward.

Note: This feature works only with “Change order” option enabled.


We’ve made some changes on the “service break” option.

Now you can choose up three hours break divided in multiple of your selected “session average session”.

What does it mean? Let say you have set 30 minutes as your “session average duration” option. And you have a service that last 1 hour and need a break.

Now you can choose among these break intervals:

– 30 minutes
– 1  hour
– 1.30 hour
– 2 hours
– 2.30 hours
– 3 hours


We’ve also fixed some important bugs, please have a look at them:

* Fixed status bar back-end calendar daily view
* “Create new user” option now is disabled by default
* Bug on services custom order on back-end fixed
* Bug on assistant selection on front-end fixed
* Bug on booking system – reservations that overrides closing time – fixed
* Fixed bug on thousand separator on Stripe
* Changed the “Services break” intervals options
* Added an alert on parallel reservations on back-end
* Removed rollback to 2.3
* Added untranslatable text strings

Well, that’s it for the moment! See you on the next release.



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Have a nice day!

Salon Booking staff


Tell us your story and win Salon Booking PRO for free forever


We offer 3 lifetime and limitless 100% discounts to those of you  that will send to us a great testimony of your professional experience with Salon Booking.

This offer is for salons owners, whatever the field their business field is, that are using our plugin to manage their online and offline reservations.

To apply for this sort of contest you need to send us a 300 words review where you explain in a detailed and sincere way:

– why did you choose our plugin
– what are your impressions using it
– what makes it great
– what should be still implemented to make it even more a better software

Every review need to be accompanied by a photo of your salon and your staff members.

We choose the 3 best submitted reviews  and we’ll award them with a lifetime limitless 100% discount.

That means that the winners will use Salon Booking and all his official add-ons for free forever.

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How to setup sms booking notifications with Twilio and Plivo

This guide will help you to setup correctly sms booking notification on Salon Booking.

Salon Booking supports different kind of text messages notifications being integrate with some major sms providers as:

– Twilio
– Plivo
– Ip1sms
Smshosting ( with an add-on)

Let’s see how to setup sms notifications inside Salon Booking using Twilio.

First of all you need to create an account on, buy a phone number or request for an Alphanumeric sender ID and some SMS credits.

Once done you need to get your:

– Account SID
– Auth Token



Now go to Salon Booking > General Settings and scroll down the page until you find SMS services options.

– Select “Twilio” from the sms providers list

– Set your Account ID ( Account SID from Twilio account )
– Set your Auth Token
– Digit your country code in the form of “+ COUNTRYCODE” ( +39 is for Italy)
– Digit your Twilio number (without the country code) or your alphanumeric sender ID

Once done click on “Update Settings” button.



Now to verify that your settings are correct it’s time to make a test.

Scroll down the page and go to “SMS test console”.

Place you mobile number without the country code and digit a test message. Then click on “Update Settings”.



If everything is ok you will receive a text on your mobile and you’ll see this message on “Settings > General” page.



In case of error, no text will be sent on your mobile and you’ll see an error message.


Then you need to verify your settings and check again.


Plivo users

With Plivo the procedure is the same. The only difference is that you could use a telephone number of your own as a “Sender number”.


Trunk trailing 0 prefix

Let’s see the “Trunk trailing 0 prefix” option.

This option can be enabled for those countries where mobile numbers have a prefix that starts with a “0”.
Enabling this option that “0” will be removed automatically.